Learn to Build Video Games: A Complete Guide

In this 5-hour video course, you will learn how to use the Construct 2 video game platform using hands-on lessons where we walk students through multiple video games while explaining every step. They will learn about the platform, the basics of creating a video game, and a complete walk-through of various video games.

We don't just show your kids the steps; we explain why it works and how to apply each skill to other games. By the end of the video course, they will have the confidence and expertise necessary to build complex games.


  • Blocks Game

    A simple physics game where you break blocks and safely rest the valuable on the platform.

  • Angry Birds-Like Game

    Replicate the iconic Angry Birds only with a poop shooting canon.

  • Don't Drown

    Build a stick-figure game who flops around the platform using the physics engine.

  • Super Mario Brothers-Like Game

    Build an elaborate platform game similar to the original Super Mario Brothers game.

Our Team

William Bushee / Founder

With over 20 years of experience, William Bushee guides your kids through the art of building video games. William is the author of the number one Amazon selling book Wired For Coding, a guide for high-school or college students.

William is the Co-Founder of Code Bootcamp of South Dakota, a 12-week web development program. He also founded Gaming Bootcamp, a five-day video game camp for kids and runs various code clubs around the Sioux Falls, SD area.

  • William Bushee

    Founder, Author, Creator


Course Skills Covered

During our five-hour video course, your kids will learn to build multiple video games plus they will learn the basics of how to make games, programming, and game design. These skills will access their learning beyond their peers and adequately prepare them for a technology future.

Accelerate your children's skills in science, technology, and math, all while they do what they love — building video games.

Our Course

Kids are desperate to learn how technology works, but most parents are unprepared to help them learn complex technology like Construct 2. This course will break it down into the core fundamentals and build the framework that is necessary for kids to expand their skills into programming more complicated games, programs, and mobile applications. This form of education needs to be taught in our schools, but since it is not, we are doing it for you.

How To Build Video Games

** Full 5 hours of video course for only $50
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There are many courses available, but this course is specifically designed for kids. After Jordan had taken the course, I recommended it all of the kids in his robotics club. Now they challenge each other by building retro video games and having gaming-days. It is amazing to see how much kids can learn today if only given a chance, and I am just amazed.

– Heidi J. (an elementary school educator)